Studio Q Production is a total concept video production firm that imagines, creates, produces and integrates creative designs in the personal, commercial, fashion and lifestyle platforms. Our Mission is to mend the boundaries of imagination, style, form and narrative into a unified artistic expression which effectively meets and surpasses the creative needs of our clients through an open ended, collaborative process.

Filip Kojic, Creative Director, graduated from Loyola University in 2009 with a bachelors degree in Marketing and International Business. Upon matriculation into adult life, and working various jobs which didn't allow for the space necessary for his full personal development, he decided that he needed to devote himself entirely to creative work. His first and most important maneuver was to engage in a serious project with his brother, Andrej. This collaboration yielded their debut feature film, a 75 minute self produced narrative piece entitled Gad Fly. Filip wrote and directed the film, with Andrej as Director of Photography. Filip is excited by the prospect that Dostoevsky was right in saying that "beauty will save the world."

Andrej Kojic, Director of Photography, is a Columbia College Cinematography student - class of 2013. He first began working with a camera in high school, doing primarily skate videos. His hobby gradually transformed into an obsession, which has now become a full blown passion. As his experience has grown, his eye, taste, technique and sophistication has evolved to a point where he can be comfortable in saying that he has the potential to learn and become great. Andrej believes that a camera will change the world.