Marketing + Branding

Marketing + Branding

Speak to your clients; be loud and clear.  Inform public opinion, and clarify the value of your business. Create an effective dialogue with your audience and build a sustainable aggregate clientele.

We want to help fascilitate that process in a creative way, through unique solutions which will suit your business and your clients. Below are a few basic approaches which can begin this exciting process. Get in touch so we can discuss the nuances of your business and its identity.

Introductory Portrait - an audio visual piece intended to convey the values, services, products, aesthetic and personality of a business to its clientele in one fell swoop. This video is intended for use on official websites as a sensory declaration of who you are, what you do, and why people should care about your business, in an active, stimulating and entertaining mode of effective communication. Photographs are no longer engaging enough to effectively connect with audiences. Video will excite your client while also effectively communicating any information that you wish to present.

Team Builder - this video is a short communicative piece produced periodically to highlight an ongoing or novel feature of your business to your clientele. When you have [something] great and a group of people who care about that [something], it is important to actively maintain their interest. Suffice it to say, people are easily distracted, and with the myriad of various stimuli available to them, it becomes easy to end up as yesterday's news, moments after being a headline. Giving your clients regular insight into what is going on at your business, in a fun and insightful way, keeps you on their mind and makes them feel like they are part of something more than just a transaction.

Ad Man Special - what we are talking about here is the good old fashioned, calculated branding statement - a commercial. If you think your great product isn't garnering enough notice, then do something unique to gain attention! We can provide thoughtful creative proposals to showcase your product in a creative and imaginative way in order to help people understand just how marvelous it really is. We can work together to bring out the ESSENCE of your work using the magic of image and sound.